just for you

Pro-Wall Panels are designed to blend in with the type of walls

your environment already has

inner access

Inner access doors are available, both single and double Closure.

sturdy & stable

Strength integrity is provided with 100 mm thick aluminium frames. 

many surface options

With Long list of Surfaces range from paint,LPL, HPL, fabric, glass, veneer, or almost any material you care to specify. 

almost any size

Panels can be of any size varying from 500 mm wide to 1200 wide or from 2 meters high to up to 6 meters height.

easy to stack

Stacking layout & Door storage layouts are almost limitless. These doors can be parked parallel to wall or at right angles or half offset each way.

Insulated & sound proof

With Insulation in Main body of MDF  gives a unique quality sound proof environment

Euro Operable-WALL partitions

Movable Pro-Wall Collapsible Partition Panels 

Address: ​262 Church Street, Onehunga, Auckland,

New Zealand 1061

D/D 09-6220097, or 09-6220098

Toll Free  0800 24 24 77

email:- quotes@eurointeriors.co.nz

Servicing New Zealand wide

seals well

All doors seals butt together using 4 vertical sound seals to ensure Minimal

sound transfer. 

5 Years Guarantee